Kishan Bhimani

Software Engineer


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Sep. 2021 – Present

  • Engineered key components for a robust single-point payment infrastructure, empowering seamless journaling and settlement of assets for millions of daily active users.
  • Spearheaded the knowledge transfer process, accelerating the onboarding of engineers and streamlining operations for enhanced productivity.
  • Led the design and development of high-performance workflow services, successfully handling transactions worth $5 million within a span of a month.
  • Streamlined development processes by automating various artifact generation tasks, enabling faster delivery and increased efficiency for fellow engineers.
  • Pioneered the development of a cutting-edge, time-critical Cloud Native Logistics software (backend) system on Azure Infrastructure, revolutionizing 100% digitization of client operations.
  • Architected a cost-efficient, event-driven backend architecture, demonstrating a remarkable 99% failure resilience and rapid recovery capability.
  • Significantly reduced Shipment APIs latency by 50ms through the implementation of intelligent caching layers and robust functional pipelines with a fail-fast approach.
  • Engineered highly performant and scalable serverless functions, achieving a remarkable 20% reduction in execution cost and 30% faster processing speeds for syncing shipping data from external services.
  • Communicated with the internal team and stakeholders through continuous feedback for timely solution delivery in a cost-effective manner.
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Addope Media Inc

July 2019 – Aug 2021

  • Played a pivotal role as a founding member of the engineering team, driving the design of software system architecture and implementing critical technical strategies for software products.
  • Engineered highly scalable, resilient, and fault-tolerant web services to seamlessly handle an average of 1 million logs per day from IoT devices.
  • Significantly enhanced the React dashboard's performance by implementing caching techniques and optimizing state management, resulting in a remarkable 30% reduction in loading time.
  • Spearheaded the development of a comprehensive unit and integration test infrastructure, slashing bugs for clients and the sales team by an impressive 20% and successfully achieving an ambitious 80% automated testing target for our web services.
  • Devised and maintained a cutting-edge native Android application specifically tailored for sluggish and resource-constrained hardware, contributing to a remarkable 40% of the total revenue.
  • Expertly diagnosed and swiftly resolved critical issues causing downtime for the Android client by implementing thread-safe processes, optimizing query execution on the local SQLite database, and revolutionizing routing on the AMQP network. These enhancements catapulted the uptime from 70% to an impressive 95%. Additionally, by transitioning from sequential to batch processing for logs, we reduced network congestion on queues and realized a significant 40% reduction in infrastructure costs.


Concordia University

Montreal, QC, Canada

Masters in Applied Computer Science (Winter 2020)

Gujarat Technological University

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (Summer 2018)


JavaScript Java Golang Typescript Node.js Python Bash React HTML CSS AWS Azure Postgresql MySQL CosmosDB MongoDB